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Exacct 1937 61 cu in small port replica Knucklehead cylinder head set ( blank set ) 1937 only  feature original cast . Head set include valve seats, Manifold screw and primer plug boss plug installed. Rocker brackets has a 90 Dergee V chape and a longer reinforcement as original. The heads have all fins like original and can be completed with open Rocker cups only!

Late cups and tins 1940-1947 will not fit.

Brand is manufactured by Motortechnic Mfg. in Germany

NOTE: Head are casted with numbers 119-35 front head 119-352 rear head and hall mark sign like original.

The mold was taken from original heads, you can not tell from the original

Replica Motortechnic 1937 Knucklehead Cylinder Head Set 61 cu small port

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