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Exact replica Motortechnic Mfg. short ribbed Knucklehead 1936-1940 engine cases which meet or exceed highest restoration demands. Cast from MAG 10 Aluminum and machined on our 5 axle CNC machine for strength and precise fitment. Intended to work with stock or identically constructed engine components. Finished and detailed like the original counterparts with Casting number outside, these cases will smoothly blend into your old Motorcycle to give it a new life. Both case halves are carefully matched and spindeld together, Cam bushings, Oil pump bushing and Cam cover pins are pre installed. Cases are bead-blasted. Brand is munufactured by Motortechnic Mfg. in Germany

NOTE: Case will fit 74cu  8-1/2" flywheels.

Replica Motortechnic Short Rib Knucklehead 1936-1940 Engine Cases

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